EMX® 5kW Kit - QS90 - Electro & Company Inc.
EMX® 5kW Kit - QS90 - Electro & Company Inc.
EMX® 5kW Kit - QS90 - Electro & Company Inc.
EMX® 5kW Kit - QS90 - Electro & Company Inc.

EMX® 5kW Kit - QS90

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Battery Leads

This motor is perfect for small electric motorcycles. This is the most compact version of the infamous 138 70h model. If you have a kids bike or a pocket rocket the qs90 might be right up your alley. With a small diameter of only 4 inches, You can fit this motor in almost anything! Although this motor is tiny it is no slouch! This combo is capable of 5kW! 


Our kits come pre-wired and pre-tuned for powersports applications with our specialty being competition motocross. You will save years on your life not stressing about the details of wiring and tuning your setup that will not come with proper instructions or documentation from overseas. Just plug in an E&C kit, apply power and go! We build you a custom harness complete with waterproof connectors, switches, throttle & controller that is pre-tuned with our proven EMX setup.

Kit Includes

1 X QS 90 Mid drive motor  (tapered shaft with key) with 14t 428 sprocket (420 10t optional)
1 X EM-50-4 Controller w/ EMX Tune
1 X Throttle with 3 power mode switch
1 X MX power switch
1 X Volt Meter
1 X Hand Built EMX Harness

Key Features

  • Convenient Footed Mounting location
  • Light weight and small dimension compared to other motors of similar power outputs
  • V configured rotor design allows for higher RPM with flux weakening
  • High Torque suitable for high performance high load situations such as climbing and racing.
  • No setup required with Electro & Companies tried and true plug and play service.

Display Options

  • Volt Meter (Included)- Handlebar mounted voltage meter that allows the rider to get an exact voltage reading at a glance.
  • DKD Display (Optional)- Heads up display unit that shows the rider battery life, speed, amperage draw, mode selection & more.

Kits purchased with battery option selected come with 5a charger and controller leads.

Standard motor rotation direction is counterclockwise, as for motorcycles with the chain on the left hand side. If you need a clockwise rotation direction please request when ordering.

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