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DKD LIN CAN-BUS communication optional Electric Scooter Motorcycle Instrument Speedometer Display for VOTOL controller  

The speedometer is build for Votol controller, as the communication protocol should match with each other.

In LIN communication, the controller could match with the speedometer, it display battery voltage.

In CAN BUS communication, the controller could also match with the speedometer (SiAECOSYS CAN protocol), it display battery SOC if the battery protocol match with speedometer. If not, the speedometer will show lack of electricity always.

Thus, we suggest to do the speedometer as Line communication version if client can't get can-bus battery.


DKD LCD speedometer, LIN (as default) and CAN BUS 
It display D N R, P, 1 2 3 S gear, and battery current X5/10.
For the speed, we will set it as following as default (to match with QS138 3kw 12inch assembly).

  • Wheel tire size: 130/70-12
  • Pole Pairs: 5
  • Gear Ratio: 1: 4.77
  • Voltage: 72V (20s Lithium battery)

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