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Razor Stock Switch to 12V Converter Adapter: 12V Accessory

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12V DC Converter

Transform your bike's unused switch into a functional tool with this adapter. Specifically designed to control Electro & Company's 12V inverter kit, this adapter simplifies operation while preserving your bike's clean design.

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The DC Converter option is required if you do not already have a DC Converter. The DC Converter can support up to 6 12v accessories.

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What's Included With the 12V DC Converter Option

  • 1 x 12v DC-DC Controller
  • 6 x 12V Output Ports
  • 1 x Flush(Pannel) Mount Switch
  • 1 x Velcro Strap for Mounting

12V DC Converter Features

  • 48-72v Input
  • 10a 12V Total Output Power
  • 6x 12v Output Ports
  • 6.2mm Ring Terminals Input

The 12v DC-DC kit is designed to work universally with any bike that has 6.2mm ring terminal battery connectors. This kit provides 12v power to your bike without any of the hassles of wiring and making your own connectors! This plug-and-play kit can be equipped with MY1020 Ultimate Heatsink Fans, UltraVision Pro - Compact and Ultra-Bright LED Headlight, ChargePro 12V - Ultra-Fast USB Charger, and Bluetooth under-glow all with just a few simple connections. If you have your own accessories we have also left several extra ports for your own 12v needs via the easy-to-use universal 2.8mm connectors, found locally at most auto parts stores.

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