EC4P Kelly KVD Instructions

Kelly KVD EC4P Pairing Instructions

To pair your EC4P Motor with an E&C Ultimate Kit KVD Controller please use your bluetooth module and Kelly Android Software (Link Here) to change the below settings outlined in RED. 

Bluetooth Name: HC-0(#) / Pairing Code: 1234

Once Connected Click Read (R) to gain access to your controllers tune.


Re-Identify The Motor

First Re-Identify your motor by Checking "Auto Identify". Once you Write (W) the Parameter, wait 5 seconds & key off the Controller. The next key on (controller on) will begin the Identification sequence. The identification sequence will rotate the wheel so please make sure the bike is on a stand or the wheel is somehow elevated. When the sequence is complete it will stop all movement and go quiet. At this time you can key off and your motor Identification is complete.

When you reboot and then read the controller the Auto Identify checkbox will not be checked, this is normal. You may notice your motor spins backwards, if so check the Rev Output Box and Write (W).



More Power & Temp Control

Now that your motor is Identified and spinning the correct direction let's tune up the power and dial in the temp sensor.

Change your Max Current Per settings for PRE metal case 76v batters to a maximum of 40. Newer 76v batteries with metal cases can be tuned to 50 or higher (controller temps can become a problem above 50)


Lastly Change your High Temp En to 1, your High Temp Cut to 170 & your High Temp Resume as 120.


Hit Write (W), Wait 5 Seconds, Key Off & back On. 
Pairing Complete!