Ultimate Razor Kit v2.1 - Product Update

Ultimate Razor Kit v2.1 - Product Update

Here at Electro and Company we are constantly striving to bring the highest performing and most reliable products to the market. The v2.0 of the Razor Ultimate Kit was a recent and exciting step forward with the my1020+ motor and Model Y & Z Controllers. The new V2.1 updates have fully raised the bar for the entire razor kit to new heights.

The New Eon Lithium v2.1 batteries now feature a thicker fiberglass board & are wrapped with our new Rhino Skin which is a thick and tough rubber wrap that results in a massive boost in durability. On the Inside we have added THICK copper interconnections between all of the cells to reduce resistance and increase efficiency/power output. The new battery management system not only monitors the cell voltages but now also the temperatures. The new 2.1 battery is more powerful and safer than ever before!

The MY1020+ Has also received an update to V2.1 which includes a internal temperature sensor that is monitored by our Model Y & Z controllers to cut power before critical motor temperatures are reached. This is a totally new and unique feature of the MY1020+ By Electro & Company (manufactured by Kunray) and is the only MY1020 Motor that comes out of the factory with 6mm2 Phase wires and internal temperatures sensors. But thats not all! We have also added an unmistakable High Voltage orange wire sleeve so its known you're rocking the good stuff from a mile away.

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