Electro & Co. has MERCH!

Electro & Co. has MERCH!

You can get it now, swing by our shop and see our new designs.

We are bringing you a wide range of quality merchandise inspired by yours truly. All designs on the web store were cultivated by Electro himself to bring something new to the table.

"Everybody needs a little Deep space in their lives, baby!"

Our decals are made with the thickest vinyl to get you and your squad out of the stickiest of situations out on the mountain or just to spread the love on any inanimate object you see.

The Gloves

Our most important item that we have released is the Signaler Gloves. They allow you to feel the deep space but also communicate from far distance with your pals when you are setting up to clear a gap, figure out what goat trial to take next or simply tell your squidies to STOP. Go over to the store now and get your pair today!

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