The "One" has arrived!

The "One" has arrived!


Welcome to the modders world. I am Electro, and I bring you a revelation, a key to unlock the true potential of your Razor Dirt Bike. This is no ordinary motor. This is "The One."
In the vast digital landscape of motors, "The One" emerges as a beacon of unparalleled performance and innovation. Crafted by combining the might of the Electro & Company EC4P V3 Motor with the strength and Braun of the EC5P Motor, "The One" is the embodiment of radial IPSM engineering and cutting-edge durability.

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To our valued EC4P V3 customers whose orders have not yet shipped: rest assured, you will be upgraded to the new "One" model at no additional cost as we rework our product lines. We greatly appreciate your patience and support. It has been challenging to keep this exciting development under wraps before release.

Additionally, please be aware that the "One" motor includes a new spline shaft that exclusively supports #35 chains and sprockets. We want to ensure our customers are informed of this specific requirement.

For those who have already received an EC4P V3 or an earlier version, please note that exchanges for the "One" are not permissible, as it is a new distinct product line. However, we are pleased to offer an option to upgrade your internal components and covers for a fee of $100. Kindly email our team at, and we will assist you with the upgrade process. This offer is available for all EC4P versions.

Please note that no exceptions will be made to this policy. The "One" represents a new product line, and warranties for existing EC4P motors will only be applicable for V3 components. If you choose to upgrade to the "One", the associated cost will apply.

-Team Electro

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