Surronster Kit PSA!

Surronster Kit PSA!

Attention all Surronster RSF kit users. Important Announcement!

The Pro Billet Brakes in this kit only fit the stock front forks of the RSF, they do not fit MX or SX models.

You MUST install and use both brakes. Using only the back brake will result in premature brake failure and is incredibly unsafe! Brake failures caused by using only one brake will not be covered under warranty.

Before every ride you should check your brakes and their functionality. Never ride your bike with brakes that have issues.

Please understand you are going 40-50 miles per hour and stopping several hundred pounds. Having both breaks is absolutely imperative for your safety and longevity of the parts. Ride Smart and always double check your equipment as your safety is in your hands with any DIY build.


Electro & Team

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