Rebirth of a Dinosaur - How this customer saved a Kawasaki from scrap.

Rebirth of a Dinosaur - How this customer saved a Kawasaki from scrap.

Recently a DIY builder and electric enthusiast Jacob Burnham reached out to us with a 2005 KX 85 with a blown bottom end. Lucky for him, we had just what he needed to take this 2 stroke dinosaur into 2021 with E&C’s pre tuned Qs138 v2 kit along with some much needed auxiliary components.

His goal was to maintain the original kx 85's nimble and responsive nature while being able to out perform his upgraded Sur Ron. Owning both the Sur Ron as well as an Alta, Jacob had a void in his stable that this build could fill... If done properly.

Jacob purchased the QS138 V2 complete kit with the Votol EM-150sp controller, he opted to add our MX Pre-tune with plug and play service. Legend has it that this service can save you years on your life and even prevent grey hair in men over the age of 30. (Not FDA approved, does not prevent balding) Jacob powered this beast with 3 hobby grade lipos to make a total of 18s, which proved to be a simple and cost effective solution while providing the power needed to do the Qs138 justice.

The results speak for themselves and we have to say... Jacob, you did a helluva a job with this one!

"Here's my best advice if you want to build an electric bike. Have Austin with Electro and Company pre-wire everything and send it to you in a box and all you have to do is the fun part, Fab up the engine mounts. I still claim I built it myself." - Jacob

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