Quasar EMX-1, an Alta equivalent?

Quasar EMX-1, an Alta equivalent?

No stranger to the electric motorcycle build community, Manny Guerrero has done it again with his latest build. Taking the saying "Steel is Real" to a whole new level, Manny has taken this old 2004 KTM and electrified it with an astonishing amount of power. Taking the Gear Reduced qs138 and feeding it with the new em260 controller tuned by us. This thing is cranking out over 350 amps at 72v for an massive 25kW! The qs138 is known for its torque curve and with over 700 phase amps this bike hasn't failed to deliver. As an Ex Alta owner himself, Manny rates this bikes power level in the leagues of the original ALTA MX....IMPRESSIVE!

Chassis of choice: 2004 KTM 450

Battery: 72v 65ah made with Tesla 21700 cells (Quasar Lithium Built)

Drivetrain: QS 138 V3 with Votol EM260 supplied, tuned and wired by Electro and Company

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