Mighty Mouse 2.2 - Research & Development

Mighty Mouse 2.2 - Research & Development

The future looks small... But mighty! Recently we had Dawson Bott, a beta test rider for E&C who took delivery of our Prototype Mighty Mouse 2.2 48v Battery System. The Mighty Mouse 2.2 which is specifically built for an Oset 20r is light weight, compact and packs an incredible punch by utilizing the same materials as our SLR battery systems. Dawson is an 8 year old rider out of Utah, USA who rides trials competitively. With Dawsons new found power plant and subsequent weight reduction he was able to take his ever sharpening skills to the next level at the Utah MotoTrials Association events this year. Taking first places in two separate events of the series so far & dominating the competition.

But the fun doesn’t have to stop at the finish line! After the last race, Dawson took his Oset 20r for a victory tour of Eagle Canyon. The Mighty Mouse 2.2 still had 75% state of charge after the competition and was able to ride another 14 - 15 miles!

Congratulations to Dawson for his recent performances! Glad to have you on the Team! We are looking forward to hearing more about your progress this year!

Technical Specs:






Built in Bluetooth BMS with datalogging

Built to fit stock Oset 20r

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