One sick Razor SX500, built by @_bolectric_

One sick Razor SX500, built by @_bolectric_

We wanted to take a moment and share this sick build by one of our clients, Bolectric (Ronel). Dubbed Project Voltron aka. Razor Ramon. Ronel got himself a Razor SX500 and built himself one helluva machine! We'll let the build specs and photos speak for themselves...

Build Specs:

- Electro & Company Ultimate Razor Kit

- 72v 29.4Ah (20s7p, 2,116Wh) Molicel P42a ANT BMS 120/300a

- 80/15t Gearing (5:33:1)

- Magura MT8 Raceline Hydraulic Brakes

- Jagwire Organic Green Quick-fit Hose Kit

- Kenda K329 2.50-10 Street Tires (Rated for 62mph / 100km)

- Jagwire Organic Green Quick-fit Hose Kit

- 9-30v Spot/Flood Headlights (12,000 Lumens/ea)

- 190mm DNM Air Shock

- Pro Taper Fuzion Bar Pad

- Factory seat rewrapped in black denim stretchy jeans donated by his own wife

️ Performance specs:

- 12,179 Peak Watts

- 175 battery amps

- 47mph 80/15t

- 52mph 65/15t

- 30-40 miles range

"One of my primary goals for each build I take on is to mesh and balance high performance with aesthetics. It has never been my goal to be faster or better than someone else or to set any records per say. I have a passion for modding and building and I am blessed to be in a place that allows me to bring these builds to life. I am happy to say that this SX500 turned out as I had envisioned marrying performance and aesthetics into one package."

If you're interested in getting yourself one of these sick builds, hit up @_bolectric_ on IG

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