A Victory Lap: Celebrating Our Success at the Big Hill Jam

A Victory Lap: Celebrating Our Success at the Big Hill Jam

🏆 Back-to-Back Wins Light Up E&C's Journey 🏆

Cheers to every Electro Enthusiast out there,


We’re on cloud nine and it's all thanks to the incredible support and electric vibes from each one of you! Defending our title at the Big Hill Jam this year was nothing short of a dream ride, and it’s a journey we are thrilled to share and celebrate with our incredible E&C family!


Scoring gold in the Pit Bike Super Cross in both the SurRon/E-bike class and Pro Mod against the traditional gas competitors was a heart-pounding experience. Our dedication to propelling e-powertrain technology to new heights is continually inspired by races, and of course, supported by all of you.

  • A Nod to Our Backers: Your unwavering support has powered our endeavors, allowing E&C to carve a spot as a top contender and creator in the e-powertrain market for Powersports.

  • Celebrating Together: Our victories at the track translate into joyous celebrations with our customers. Each win, each advancement, is a collective triumph for the E&C community!

Full throttle Moving Forward

While our adventures at the Big Hill Jam were nothing short of exhilarating, our eyes are firmly set on the horizon. With your continued support and our relentless pursuit of innovation, there’s no telling how far and how fast we’ll go!

Here’s to more finish lines crossed and more electrifying journeys together,

Electro & Company

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