EC5p-V Magnet Motor IS on the Horizon!

EC5p-V Magnet Motor IS on the Horizon!

The EC5P V Magnet Bolt On Razor Motor is peaking over the Horizon! We have been hard at work developing a V magnet solution for the razor platform for the last 6 months that aims to change a few things up about the Razor Game.


This motor will feature a #35 Chain as standard and also accept 420 sprockets, due to its lower rpm and higher torque configuration this makes larger tooth sprocket options viable. Not to mention Better operation with 12 inch wheels which often are over geared accidentally with EC4P or MY1020 Motors due to their higher rpm configurations.


The EC5P-V Motor has a larger diameter output shaft for increased strength during high load or high stress situations. Sprocket retention improvements are still underway as well for the final design.


With all of the same High Grade and High Temperature materials as the EC4P uses, the EC5P-V is sure to pack a punch like never before seen and take the abuse that anyone might throw at it. Stay tuned for more details as the release is just around the corner!


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