The "One" Brushless Motor
The "One" Brushless Motor
The "One" Brushless Motor
The "One" Brushless Motor
The "One" Brushless Motor
The "One" Brushless Motor

The "One" Brushless Motor

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The One: Brushless Motor for Razor Dirt Bikes

Welcome to the modders world. I am Electro, and I bring you a revelation, a key to unlock the true potential of your Razor Dirt Bike. This is no ordinary motor. This is "The One."

In the vast digital landscape of motors, "The One" emerges as a beacon of unparalleled performance and innovation. Crafted by combining the might of the Electro & Company EC4P V3 Motor with the strength and Braun of the EC5P Motor, "The One" is the embodiment of radial PMSM engineering and cutting-edge durability.

Higher Peak Performance

Harness the power of "The One" and transcend the limitations of ordinary motors. With a higher peak output of 19,000 Watts, your Razor Dirt Bike will achieve speeds and acceleration previously thought impossible. This motor is designed to push boundaries, enabling you to experience the thrill of riding like never before.

Highest Temperature Grade Materials

"The One" is engineered with the highest temperature grade materials internally, boasting the highest durability over other motors and significantly reducing the risk of damage due to overheating. This ensures that your motor remains efficient and powerful, even after the most intense shred sessions.

Unbreakable Splined Shaft

In the wild; strength, durability & longevity are paramount. "The One" features a nearly unbreakable 17mm rotor shaft with splined sprocket mounting. This motor is built to withstand the harshest conditions and the most demanding rides, ensuring that you remain unstoppable on your journey.

#35 Sprocket

Every detail of "The One" is meticulously engineered in house by E&C to enhance your riding experience. The design of our new spline shaft and #35 sprockets prevent any chance at striping with the inclusion of a sprocket shoulder and retention nut. Changing gear ratios, with a strong and reliable chain / sprocket combos has never been better. 

Lower Price

In a world where value is often sacrificed for cost, "The One" breaks the mold. It delivers unmatched performance at a lower price than the competition, proving that excellence does not have to come at a premium.

Remember, it is not the motor that chooses the rider, but the rider who chooses the motor. The time has come to make your choice. Will you embrace the potential of "The One" and unlock the true power within your Razor Dirt Bike? The choice is yours. Welcome to the revolution.

Key Features

  • Razor Chassis Direct Fit
  • 11kW Recommended Burst
  • Up to 19kW Peak
  • 6800 RPM Unloaded @76v Nominal (no flux)
  • 9500 RPM Unloaded @76v Nominal (with flux)
  • 4 Pole Pair 60mm Rotor
  • Ultra Thin Stator Laminations
  • Automotive Grade Hall Sensors
  • Water Resistant
  • High Temp Windings
  • High Temp Magnets
  • Stainless Steel Rotor Sleeve (new)
  • 17MM Rotor Shaft (10t #35 sprocket included)
  • Spline Drive Sprocket Mount (#35)
  • High Surface Area Design
  • Native Fan Mounts
  • 48-108v (13s-30s)


MX500, MX650, RSF650 & SX500


5.5x5.5x4.5 inches


1:8 to 1:6.5 Ratio Recommended for 10 inch rear wheel only. 

1:9.6 to 1:7.8 Ratio Recommended for 12 inch rear wheel only. 

1:11.52 to 1:9.36 Ratio Recommended for 14 inch rear wheel (not recommended)

The motor comes with 10t installed, if you would like you purchase additional sprockets you can find them in our Parts section.


  • For use with Existing Ultimate Razor Kit Controllers (E&C KVD Model Y & Z) Kelly Bluetooth Dongle is required for setup.   

  • Higher Currents and Gearing Changes are required to see the benefit of this motor on Ultimate Razor Kit Hardware!

  • FARDRIVER Controllers are not recommended or supported by E&C.

  • DO NOT EXCEED 250 Battery Amps / 500 Phase Amps! 

  • Too tall of gearing can damage your motor or controller due to excessive loading and operating outside of its efficiency range. FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDED RATIOS

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